UK Community Drama Festivals Federation Charity Number SCO45173
    The UK Community Drama Festivals Federation      Representing the four countries who host the British Final of One Act Plays each year


The   United   Kingdom   Community   Drama   Federation   was   set   up   to   oversee   the   British Final    of    One   Act    Plays    with    the    aim    of    creating    a    coherent    festival    with    a    common set   of   entry   rules,   whilst   maintaining   the   individuality   that   each   country   brings   to   the event itself. The   British   Finals   Development   Meeting   (BFDM)   was   set   up   in   2009   and   became   the Federation    in    2013    achieving    Charity    Registration    in    2014.    We    have    existedas    an add-hoc    organisation    for    many    years,    the    event    itself    having    taken    annually    since 1926, although under several different guises. We    currently    have    3    office    bearers,    the    Chair    Keith    Robinson,    Vice    Chair    Rebekah Fortune       and       Treasurer/Administrator       Roger       Cunnington       together       with       two representatives      from      each      of      the      four      National      Associations      who      provide representatives   to   take   part   in   the   British   Final   of   One   Act   Plays   each   year.   We   meet twice yearly with conference-calls taking place between meetings as required. The   Geoffrey   Whitworth   prize   for   playwriting,   which   is   awarded   to   the   best   new   play which   has   made   its   debut   performance   at   a   One-Act   Festival   anywhere   in   the   UK,   is now under our remit. However it is still administered on our behalf by SCDA. Our   major   goal   is   to   arrange   long   term   funding   for   the   British   Final   of   One   Act   Plays thus      enabling      the      National      Associations      to      concenstrate      on      fundraising      for themselves,     and     their     own     sustainability,     unfortunately     to     date     we     have     been unsuccessful in obtaining any. Our constitution
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